Saturday, March 16, 2013

Open Vision

What did I see today?

From the blog that I accessed the following quote thanks to a neighbor to the north from British Columbia. 

"I think it is safe to say that the expectation is that teachers should provide what is needed. Consequently, teachers must be more things to more people than maybe ever before. The complexity of the job has multiplied.

As result, the relationships between teachers, students, and technologies they share have grown more complex. The roles that were believed to be settled are all again subject to interrogation.

For me, an educator or teacher must be a master student or learner. One who walks the walk, always learning, always curious, always chasing mastery, and leads by example. Truth be told, that is the only way I know, at the moment, how to maintain any kind of anchor in these evolving relationships."

Is it enough to say that this is exactly what I was thinking about today? 
"Always chasing mastery" really sums up where I am right now as a teacher, student, and learner. It's nice to know I'm not alone. And although sometimes the Internet can feel like one big echo chamber to me, I do appreciate learning from people that I would have not otherwise connected with in life.

Today as I crossed the finish line of my local St. Patty's run, I connected with two people that I kept passing and getting passed by throughout the 8k. I passed them a few blocks to the end, and they chased me down. I was most concerned with beating my time from last year, but their extra push put me in a great mood when we hit the finish line together. I realized that's why I love racing. There is a finish line (unlike learning) and there is always somebody to chase. Lucky me.

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