Monday, January 28, 2013

Connected Learning: Weekly Updates

As we move into a more connected style of learning, we have to learn how to manage our different spaces. Or at least I have to!

One thing I'm learning is when to sign up for daily updates and when to sign up for weekly updates. I need to put my information into manageable chunks. I love being all over the place when I'm researching, but when I need to get things done, I need to be organized.
I decided to sign-up for the Diigo ETMOOC weekly updates, and I'm glad I did. Like everything else with this class, the information keeps pouring in.

I used to make the comparison that getting information from the Internet was like drinking from a fire hose. That is, until I met a group of fire fighters who told me that you find a way to drink from a hose if you are thirsty enough. Well said.

Here is my sip for the day:
Connected Learning Infographic

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